About Me


The Tiny Art Co is just me, Bob. I have drawn thousands of people, and animals and things and 90% of them are 1cm tall. This is my dream. I have a huge passion for animals and life.  

I have an imagination that runs riot and my drawings contain interactions between the characters that might shock you. I take reality and bend it. In my drawings my people attack each other, my animals poo and eye contact between them all is critical if you are to find every little thing I put in my 35 hour drawings.

​Like hidden heart shapes. Unicorns. Things that don't belong.

​I love the works of Bosch and Miro. But I adore the classic perspective of Da Vinci. I did a Jesus Christ drawing covering all the stories I remembered as a kid from The Bible. Anything goes in my drawings.

"The Tiny Art Co draws very small people... thousands of them. The detailed art you see is all hand-drawn from scratch, with a fine ink pen. Each person is just 1cm tall, and the drawings contain a wonderful myriad of people, animals and odd creatures! Each time you look you will surely meet someone new!" Quote from a fan.


Kind regards, Bob.