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History of the World (A1) (UK orders only)

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The History of the World by me, an 84 hour drawing I drew at Newport Art College in Wales in 1992.

The idea is that all positive history start at the top and works it's way down to the widest point which represents present day. Present day for this image being the 1990s! 

Then all the negative history works it's way up from the bottom to the widest point. In my head I had that as time goes on, a new row would open up at the widest point and the drawing would grow. Ideologically speaking of course.

This means in my head there is no "end of the world", no Armageddon - the drawing would continue to open up at the widest point and a new row would form.

So that is the concept and the execution.

This print is A1 size (23.39 x 33.11 inches) and will ship to you directly from the Printing Company I use. regrettably this can only work in the UK so please do not order from overseas. The print will arrive in a tube. Please take a lot of care and let it unroll itself a little naturally when you receive it before flattening it to frame.

Paper type: In order for this print to unroll in a good way to become flat without the need to rest it for a while as would be the case with our thick fine art paper I have elected to go for a more "poster" feel paper choice as follows:

This print uses Fuji's "Crystal Archive Professional Lustre" giving a very natural photographic finish reminiscent of traditional photographic printing. Coated with a slightly stippled texture this print is resistant to fingerprints, scratches and scuffs and features a semi-matt finish with minimal glare.

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